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The Governing Body is the highest decision making body of the college. It plays a pivotal role in framing the strategies pertaining to various aspects of the college administration starting from teaching-learning down to infrastructural issues and budgetary provisions. The Principal, as the secretary of the Governing Body, in unison with the Teachers’ Council, IQAC and the Finance Committee further formulates the working principle for the smooth running of the Institution. The Governing Body of the college has representations from all sections of the college. Currrently no governing body exists in the college due to some technical reason. But education department has deputed one Administrator to look after the activity of the college.

Name of the Administrator:

Dr. Aparna Chakraborty

Jt. Director of Public Instruction (UGC)

Education Directorate

Govt. Of West Bengal

Different Committee

As per the directive received from the honourable Administrator of the college, the constitutions of the different sub committees are as follows.


Teaching Staff

Present Teaching Staff

# Name Educational Qualification Designation Department Experience Photo View CV
1 Dr. Prateeti Bhattacharya M.A , PhD. Associate Professor Bengali NA View
2 Dr. Leena Ghosh M.A , PhD. Faculty Bengali NA View
3 Prof. Manasi Mondal M.A Faculty Bengali 15 Years View
4 Prof. Surya Bhattacharya M.A Faculty Bengali 14 Years View
5 Prof. Haimanti Dasgupta M.A , B.Ed. Associate Professor (H.O.D) Bengali 32 Years View
6 Dr. Partha Pratim Dasgupta M.A , PhD. M.Phil Principal English NA View
7 Prof. Shirsendu Mondal M.A Assistant Professor (HOD) English 15 Years View
8 Dr. Sankha Shekhar Biswas M.A , B.Ed. , PhD Assistant Professor English NA View
9 Prof. Mahua Das M.A , M.Phil Faculty English NA View
10 Dr. Madhumita Ghosh M.A , PhD. M.Phil Assistant Professor (HOD) Philosophy NA View
11 Dr. Rathin Biswas M.A , B.Ed. , PhD Assistant Professor (HOD) Education 5 Years View
12 Prof. Purbasri Pal M.A , B.Ed. Faculty Education NA View
13 Prof. Partha Das M.A , M.Phil Assistant Professor Education 2 Years View
14 Prof.Kumkum Sengupta M.A , M.Phil Associate Professor (H.O.D) History 32 Years View
15 Dr. Bholanath Mandal M.A , PhD. M.Phil Assistant Professor History NA View
16 Prof. Manas Bisay M.A Faculty History 17 Years View
17 Prof. Mousumi Chakraborty M.A Faculty History 4 Years View
18 Prof.Dolanchampa Barman Ray MSc. B.ED Faculty Mathematics 14 Years View
19 Dr. Prafulla Kumar Das M.Sc.,B.Ed. Ph.D. Associate Professor (H.O.D) Mathematics 24 Years View
20 Dr. Tanmay Malakar M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (HOD) Chemistry Since 25 November 2021 View
21 Prof. Debarati Guha M.Sc, B.Ed Faculty Chemistry 14 Years View
22 Dr. Manik Kr. Sanyal M.Sc. PhD Associate Professor (H.O.D) Physics 19 Years View
23 Dr. Sukla Dutta Gupta M.Sc. PhD Faculty Physics 10 Years View
24 Prof.Palash Biswas M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil Assistant Professor Political Science 5 Years View
25 Prof.Tapan Biswas M.A.,M.Phil Faculty Political Science 17 Years View
26 Prof.Atreyi Das M.A Faculty Political Science NA View
27 Dr. Dipanwita Mukherjee M.A , PhD. Associate Professor (H.O.D) Sociology 21 Years View
28 Prof. Punyarupa Bhadury M.A Assistant Professor Sociology 5 Years View
29 Prof. Bijaya Misra M.A Faculty Sociology 14 Years View
30 Prof. Poulami Majumdar M.A Faculty Sociology 12 Years View
31 Prof. Tirthankar Dalui Msc., M.A, B.Ed Assistant Professor (HOD) Zoology 18 Years View
32 Prof. Jyotirmoy Shankar Deb M.Sc. Faculty Zoology 19 Years View
33 Prof. Sumit Mitra M.Sc. Faculty Botany 13 Years View
34 Dr. Arpita Chatterjee M.Sc., Ph.D.(CU), Ph.D (RBU) Assistant Professor Botany 11 Years View
35 Prof. Tutan Ghosh MCA Faculty Computer Science NA View
36 Prof. Surajit Dutta MCA Faculty Computer Science 18 Years View
37 Prof. Tamal Deb M.Tech (Cse) Assistant Professor Computer Science 5 Years View
38 Dr. Barnali Basu (Banerjee) M.Sc.(Econ), M.Phil., Ph.D, B. Ed. Assistant Professor Commerce(Hons+General) 22 Years View
39 Dr. Rupak Karmakar M.Com, M.B.A.(Fin) CMA(INTER) Diploma In H.R, Certified Course In GST ,PhD Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) 7 Years View
40 Dr. Sucharita Bhattacharyya M.Com, M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Commerce(Hons+General) 14 Years View
41 Dr. Mijarul Islam M.Com. , PhD Assistant Professor Commerce(Hons+General) 5+1 Years View
42 Prof. Pinki Dey M.Com, PFA Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) 12 Years View
43 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Srivastaw M.Com., B.Ed.,Ph.D.,A.I.C.W.A. Associate Professor(HOD) Commerce(Hons+General) 23 Years View
44 Dr. Aminul Islam M.Com., Ph.D. Associate Professor Commerce(Hons+General) 22 Years View
45 Prof. Bithika Bhattachariya B.Tech, M.C.A. Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) NA View
46 Prof. Debabrata Pal M.Com., LL.B., MBA Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) NA View
47 Prof. Sourav Roy Bhowmick M.B.A, M.Phil Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) 20 Years View
48 Prof. Anal Ganguly M.B.A. (Marketing) Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) 17 Years View
49 Prof. Shyamapada Jana M.Com., B.Ed. Faculty Commerce(Hons+General) 26 Years View
50 Dr.Paramita Banerjee M.A., MPhil, PhD Assistant Professor (HOD) Geography 11 Years View
51 Prof.Prateeti Bandyopadhyay M.Sc Faculty Geography 22 Years View
52 Prof.Nibedita Chakraborty M.Sc, B.Ed Faculty Geography 16 Years View
53 Prof. Piyali Roy M.Sc, B.Ed Faculty Geography 12 Years View
54 Prof. Avijit Mondal M.A , M.Phil Assistant Professor Geography 2 Years View
55 Prof. Chirasree Bagchi M.A Faculty Geography 7 Years View

Non Teaching Staff

Present Non Teaching Staff

# Name Designation Photo
1 Sri Biplab Sanyal Head Clerk
2 Sri Benoy Kumar Das Cashier (Evening Shift)
3 Smt. Srabani Ghosh Ministerial Staff
4 Sri Ganesh Chandra Das Ministerial Staff
5 Sri debabrata Samajpati Typist
6 Sri Bishnu Pada Mali Clerk
7 Sri Gouranga Sengupta Ministerial Staff
8 Sri Sanat Das Ministerial Staff
9 Sri Kallol Biswas Clerk
10 Sri Debdulal Banerjee Laboratory Staff
11 Sri Mintu Chakraborty Laboratory Staff
12 Sri Rahul Chaterjee Data Manager
13 Smt Sabitri Singh Ministerial Staff
14 Sri Palash Roy Laboratory Staff
15 Smt Nargis BiBi Ministerial Staff
16 Sri Gobinda Biswas Ministerial Staff
17 Smt Nandita Chakraborty Ministerial Staff
18 Sri Abhi Ghosh Ministerial Staff
19 Sri Biman Singh Ministerial Staff
20 Sri Bimal Mali Ministerial Staff
21 Sri Debasish Chatterjee Laboratory Staff
22 Md. Abdur Rahaman Clerk
23 Sri Rajesh Paswan Laboratory Staff
24 Sri Somnath Orao Laboratory Staff
25 Sri Pranab Chawdhury Laboratory Staff
26 Sri Samrat Basu Clerk
27 Sri Sourav Sarkar Ministerial Staff
28 Sri Soudip Bhattacharjee Ministerial Staff
29 Smt Priyanka Mukherjee Clerk
30 Sri Konkesh Mondal Ministerial Staff

Library Administration

The library of Barasat College has a collection of more than 32,312 volumes of books and six titles of journals. There are two separate libraries in Barasat College. One is for Arts and Science streams and another is for the Commerce stream. The library provides a host of facilities to the users (both students and faculties). It offers Reading Room facility which can accommodate over 50 users at a time. The functioning and management of the library is efficiently supervised by an active Library Committee which meets regularly to ensure optimum use of facilities and to frame policies for futuristic development.The users can access important repositories by simply clicking on the links even from home. The functions and services of the library are partly automated. Web-based open access cataloguing services (WEBOPAC) are in operation. The library also boasts of reprographic service to users and particularly to the students.

Present Library Administration Members

# Name Portfolio
1 Sri Prakash Rabi Das (Librarian) Convenor
2 All HOD Member
3 Sri Biplab Sanyal Member
4 Sri Benoy Kr. Das Member
5 Sri Somnath Bhattacharya Member
6 Sri Somnath Orao Member
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