Green Initiatives


To promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus.

1.To develop alternative measures to solve environmental challenges.
2. To incorporate green protocol among students and faculties.
3. To motivate staff, students and teachers through environmental literacy.
4. To establish an efficient way of waste management and recycling systems.
5. To promote campus into plastic free manner.
6. To prevent wasteful and unhealthy use of resources.
7. To ensure waste, water and energy management.
8. To decrease energy consumption to enhance energy utilization efficiency.
9. To change the campus into pollution free and environmental friendly manner.

The students, staff and teachers of Barasat College actively participated in the green campus campaign.

The college executed various programmes and activities. The activities organized under this project are:

1. Plastic free campus: It is a programme organized in the campus that aims to reduce plastic pollution on college campus with special focus on the reduction and elimination of plastic bottles, plastic straws and utensils and plastic food packaging. The college organized various programmes such as plastic free campus campaign, recycling plastic campaign and awareness classes on world environment day, world wild life week, world ozone day. Instead of buying bottled water student took initiative to buy refillable to carry around campus.

2. Waste diversion: The College is trying to composting and recycling programmes. Separate dust bins were provided to collect degradable and non-degradable wastes.

3. Plantation Project: It is a green initiative aims at planting sapling trees around the College campus under the guidance of botany department. There has a flower garden and medicinal plant garden by which the College attempts to give knowledge about the benefits of Ayurveda of Pristine India.

4. Water usage: Rain water harvesting facilities were established for the effective management of water.

5. Energy management: Energy management is essential for every institution. The college implemented various methods to save energy. They are; • The cycle stand in the campus promoted the use of bicycle by students and security guards. • Solar panels to be  installed in college and to reduce the consumption of electricity. • Instead of CFL lamps LED bulbs were used in campus.

6. Green auditing: The College is going to establish agreen auditing cell to examine the effect of green initiative campaign in campus and its surrounds , and a review will be conducted at end every academic year.

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