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Students Aid Funds

Our college is offering different courses in different disciplines. It has been observed from the students’ profile listed in various courses of the college that there are many students coming from the rural areas with low economic background. Their parents are unable to provide them with sustainable financial support because of the poverty they face.
The Context: It is the motto of the college to serve the students who come from the lower-middle class stratum of the society.
Objectives: The peer objectives of the practice are,

1. To extend financial aid to the poor students, especially from the rural and unprivileged background, to save them from discontinuation of their studies owing to poverty.
2. To support financially all the deserving poor students without any discrimination of caste, creed or gender.
3. To promote ‘equality’ among the students.

Required: Some of the students approach the body for the scholarships but due to the lack of their necessary criteria and eligibility they cannot avail of the opportunity. More donations can be helpful in reaching more number of students.
The expected outcome is that the students should be able to complete their degrees with good marks. The beneficiaries should treat the needy with the principle of ‘lend a helping hand without discrimination.

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