College Facilities

Medical Assistance

The college, through its NSS unit, organizes regular health check-ups and medical camps for all the students of the college. A Medical Support Unit has been established at Barasat College. It provides basic medical facilities to the students, faculty and staff. This facility is ideal for regular health check-up and treating common medical issues like  measuring blood pressure, cough and cold, indigestion, minor cuts, bruises, aches, pains, sports injuries and mild fever etc.The college also stocks emergency medicines for allergy, pain, fever, asthma, and other common ailments. The college is planning to tie-up with the nearest nursing homes to take care of the students in emergency.
A trained physiotherapist is attached with the college who deals with sports injuries and minor issues. Moreover, with trained personnel Yoga and Meditation sessions for Teachers and Students are organised in a regular interval.
Medical Emergency Protocol: The College has a well-defined protocol for efficient handling of medical emergencies, at all hours.
Barasat College is within the reach of several Private nursing homes and Barasat Medical College(Govt. hospital).In case of an emergency the College has direct contacts with these hospitals.
The college following UGC recommendation has launched its COVID-19 task force from May 2021 which strives to reach out to all stake-holders in various dimension to fight this pandemic situation together.

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