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Counselling and Placement Assistance


Career guidance and student counselling is an extremely broad and a comprehensive concept, in order to implement this task effectively there are number of factors that need to be taken under consideration. The guidance regarding ones career and the counseling of students involves a conversation between a career counselor; who should be an expert in his field, he should possess all the skills, abilities, knowledge and information regarding the job openings, prospects, opportunities that are available and possess the ability to effectively communicate with the person who is seeking counseling and guidance. On the other hand, the students or job seekers or a person who is already engaged in employment and is willing to make a transformation is required to possess effective communication skills, a pleasant personality, an approachable nature, an amiable attitude, should be well qualified and possess the required skills and abilities to work and get engaged into an employment setting.
The Career Counselling Cell of Barasat College started with an objective to set up an educational counseling services offered for the undergraduate students with the aim to help mainly the poor students who cannot go for higher study, and to redefine their passion in their career, develop essential employability skills and strategies and to understand different competitive examination related to job opportunities in current market scenario.
Career counseling Cell has organized several training program under the expert professionals,resource persons invited from various wings. Keeping in view the aspirations of students the college has taken strong initiative for organizing various programs time to time and as a result of which the College does ensure high quality education with better job avenues for the better products of our College students after having their formal degree. It is our pleasure to declare that a few students have got placement through placement initiative taken by the Cell in the last year.

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