College Facilities

Common Room


Graduating with one’s favourite subject with all the complexities of the syllabus may indeed be stressful for a student who has just passed out of school and is getting ready for the life ahead. Its here in the Boy’s and Girl’s Common Room that life finds a more relaxed meaning. Students today need to be given a comforting zone where they can chill out from the stress of the education system. The common rooms in Barasat College gives the perfect platform for students to interact with one another, engage in cultural exchange with the rich diversity of students in our college and also relax with a game or two to lighten themselves.
The common rooms are active corners of our College. They are at the heart of many activities of the college. The boy’s common room hosts few of the most interesting programs of the College and engagement programs throughout the year. The common room gives the boys and girls of the College an opportunity to relax over a game of carom or table tennis. With multiple boards to play on, there is ample room for students of all age groups to take their turns at play.

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